Let’s Talk How Stress Can Affect The Fertility!


We live in a fast-paced society, where one can easily get stressed. Some people might think that being stressed means, they are doing something good and in case you are not stressed you are doing nothing. But in reality, it’s the other way round; Stress is not at all a good thing for our health. Especially for females, stress can have a real adverse effect on their fertility can become a make cause of infertility.

How Stress Impacts the Fertility?

During the times of extreme stress, female bodies prevent conception; this is because of the release of Adrenalin. Our bodies release Adrenalin during the stressful times, which signal our body that these are not the ideal condition for conception. It also restricts the body from using the essential hormone for fertility that is progesterone. Also, it can result in increasing the level of prolactin by making the pituitary gland to release it, which is another reason for infertility.


Studies have shown that at the time of stress, our body releases stress hormones, which restricts the release of sex hormones. Due to which the ovulation in females is suppressed which results in infertility.

First of all, to make sure the reason is stress, you need to consult a specialist at the fertility center. After undergoing various tests at the fertility clinic, you will be getting to know the real reason behind infertility. In case everything is fine then, the reason may be you are stressing a lot to get pregnant, which is creating the problem.

And if you still try to conceive during the time of stress, it might put your fetus at risk. The body knows this; therefore it creates such an environment which is not suitable for conception. A stressed person is considered as an unhealthy person, and an unhealthy person can’t easily conceive a pregnancy in an ideal scenario.


How to reduce stress?

In case you have undergone all the fertility tests and have found nothing, stress may be real cause for your infertility. Therefore, it’s time to relax, change your lifestyle so that you have no space for stress in it. Start evaluating your life and identify the gray areas which need to be changed in order to remove the stress from your life. Here are some of the tips which you can use to reduce the effects of stress on your fertility:


  • Time to say goodbye to the Stress in your life: Start reducing the stress from your life as it will not only help you in your fertility but also will give you a healthy body and life. If the reason of stress is your job, you need to look for other opportunities. If it’s personal, you need to sort out the things soon.


  • Be Calm while dealing with the stressful situations: Your reaction is all that matters, while you are dealing with a stressful situation. Be careful while dealing with stressful situations, people at work or at any other place.


  • Include some of these habits: You can include some of these habits in your daily life to reduce your stress and its effects on your health and fertility.
  1. Have proper sleep
  2. Meditate
  3. Start practicing Yoga
  4. Do healthy exercise daily
  5. Use acupuncture to release stress
  6. Seek advice from a counselor, if required.


Be intimate for fun: Being a couple you should enjoy your intimate moments with each other and it should not be a burden on the shoulder. Have sex regularly to relieve your stress. Enjoy it as a couple, enjoy some intimate time, get romantic with your partner or sit together and laugh. It will help a lot in de-stressing. 

There are many ways by which you can reduce the stress and increase your chances of conception.

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