07 Health Benefits of Drinking Japanese Green Matcha Tea

benefits of matcha tea

Over the past several years, matcha tea has become an essential part of the Japanese culture and now gaining huge popularity in various countries.

Due to the taste and health benefits of matcha tea, it is widely used in various ceremonies in Japan where matcha green tea gets prepare by whisking the tea with a bamboo whisk, using the old traditional method.

Matcha is grown in various parts of Japan, however, you can find top-quality matcha tea plants majorly grown in the Kyoto and Uji region.

Besides, the farming process of matcha tea is really interesting, where only 20% of sun rays are allowed to reach the matcha plants by covering those plants with bamboo shades.

This process of growing matcha plants helps increase the levels of chlorophyll in the leaves. Once the process is done, farmers plucked the grown leaf buds, steamed those, dried them, and finally grind those leaves to produce matcha tea powder.

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So, without wasting any time further, let’s find out various benefits of matcha tea for health and fitness that making it popular among other variety of healthy green tea.

1 – Rich in Antioxidants

There is no doubt that Matcha green tea is cultivated from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, from where the green tea is obtained. And, just like green tea content, matcha tea also contains the richest and proactive antioxidant property, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

As per a study, it’s found that the EGCG content available in matcha tea is 137 times more than any other Chinese green tea. The antioxidants help boost immunity, flush out bad toxins, and reduce body inflammation, which helps you prevent extra weight gain and help in weight loss.

2 – Low in Calories

As per health experts, Matcha tea contains low calories – about 3 calories per 1 g. Thus, doesn’t matter if you intake more than 2 g of the tea, you will not going to absorb too many calories.

And as we know, the lower the calories we consume, the lesser we have the risks of those calories not being collected as fat on our body.

3 – Provides Energy

When it comes to the health benefits of green matcha tea, drinking Matcha tea also helps to increases alertness, boost energy levels, and help you keep yourself more proactive. Thus, the more active and refresh you feel, the more active and energetic you will be.

Intake of pure matcha increases your stamina, prevents you from being lazy, and endurance body levels, which may help in weight loss.

4 – Detoxify the Body

There is no doubt that bad eating habits and lifestyle can lead your body to build up unwanted toxic. And, one of the major reasons for weight gain is toxic build-up.

So, to overcome this situation, all you need is to detoxify your body regularly. And what else can be more beneficial than drinking pure matcha tea, which contains lots of antioxidants that will help you to flush out the harmful radicals?

Detoxification of the overall body with matcha tea will help you prevent constipation, lose weight, build strong immunity, and boost your overall wellness.

5 – Help in Increases Metabolism

If you are looking to reduce some weight, then you should not ignore paying attention to your body’s metabolic rate. If in case the metabolic rate of your body is slow, you will find it difficult to shed the body fat, no matter how much you do the workout or less you eat.

Regular intake of pure matcha green tea has been discovered to enhance your slow metabolism. The catechins found in the tea help boost the body’s metabolic rate during or after the workout.

6 – Help in Reduces Cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, Matcha tea is one of the richest sources of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant that you’ll find in most available teas in the market.

As per research, it’s found that EGCG helped reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body of laboratory rats when they were fed with food rich in high cholesterol for 30 days.

7 – Controls Blood Glucose Level

A continuous spike in blood sugar levels in your body can lead you to the risk of being insulin resistant and diabetic as a result.

Drinking Matcha tea helps you regulate and reduce the blood sugar levels in your body, as the tea contains a rich quantity of dietary fiber, which keeps your appetite full for a long time and thus restricts you from overeating.

And when you don’t feel much hunger or don’t overeat, the glucose levels in your body will not spike. This, as a result, will also help you prevent the risk of type 2diabetes.

We hope these benefits of matcha tea will aid your health in different ways, but all you have to do is picking pure matcha tea and drink it. You can buy traditional Japanese matcha tea online or you can directly source it from any renowned matcha tea sellers in India.


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