10 Incredible Facts about Newborn Babies

newborn babies facts

If you have become newly parent, then your newborn baby will have lots of surprises for you that you’ll come to know over time.

Adorable, cuddly and full of curiosity, newborn babies are wondrous to say about a lot. In short, they do more than eat, sleep and poop.

Thus, here we bring to you 10 incredible facts about newborn babies that will help you understand your baby better.

Let’s know more about Newborn Babies:

1 – They Learn to Talk From the Womb

facts about newborn babies
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Your baby could listen to your voice or any other sound from the period of about 23 weeks of pregnancy.

According to reports, a newborn baby as old as two days old can recognize the voice of his mother.

Thus, start talking to your newborn baby, the more she’ll hear you, the better her language will improve later on.

2 – First Poop of Babies Doesn’t Stink

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Surprisingly, baby’s first poops don’t stink as this tar-like stuff is a dark, sticky substance known as Meconium.

The gut bacteria are responsible for smelly poop, which begin colonizing in the baby’s intestine once you start feeding the baby.

Your baby does a poo several times a day or maybe once every three days. So, try not to worry too much.

Just keep a close observation to understand what’s normal for your infant, and watch out for any abnormal changes.

After a few days or so, movements of the bowel become yellow, green, or brown with that natural odour.

3 – Babies Born with Extra Bones

incredible infants facts
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One of the surprising facts about newborn babies is that they are born with about 300 bones, shocking indeed.

Newborn babies are born with 94 extra bones than adults. But, where do these extra bones disappear over time?

These extra bones fuse together during the development process and join to develop one solid bone over time.

4 – Sometimes Newborns Don’t Breath

amazing babies facts
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Infants may pause their breath for 5-10 seconds while they are sleeping. Enough time to make new parents get panic.

Irregular breathing is natural. But, don’t ignore if your infant holds breathing for a longer time or turns blue.

Even, newborn babies may take more than sixty breaths in a minute after they cry, or when they get excited.

5 – Infants Born Without Kneecaps

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No need to worry. Infants are born without kneecaps, and they only have soft cartilage in their joints.

Also known as Patella, a newborn baby kneecap doesn’t even develop into the hard bone until the age of 3 and 5.

6 – Babies Are Born Swimmers

babies amazing facts
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Newborn babies can naturally hold their breath underwater and even can swim about using their arms and legs.

All this happen due to a “diving reflex” known as a bradycardic response, which helps newborn babies to adapt to their surroundings naturally when sunk in water.

Newborn babies learn this skill from the womb but ultimately lose this ability by the age of six months.

7 – Infants Cry without Tears

infants amazing facts
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Babies start crying from the time of birth, but surprisingly, tears don’t show up until they get three weeks old.

The best way to calm down your baby is the releasing of stress hormones that found in tears. Stress tears are unique to humans, and no other living being has this privilege.

8 – Nappies Can Hide Little More Surprises

babies incredible facts
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Infants are born with extra fluids in their body, results in various genital function for the first few days.

For instance, baby boys can get penis erections, which often happens just before they are about to pee.

On the other hand, baby girls are born with some of their mother hormones, which can sometimes cause white discharge or even a mini period in the first initial days.

9 – Some Birthmarks Are Surprisingly Common

babies birthmarks
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Most of the babies are born with a natural birthmark of some kind. The stork bite is the most common.

Also known as “salmon patch” or “angel kiss”, this birthmark looks like the pale pink patch on the face or neck of your baby.

Although birthmarks are harmless and fade over time, some can be a sign of a condition that needs medical attention.

10 – Infants Have Good Learning Ability Than Adults

newborn babies amazing facts
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The brain of newborn babies forms connections at an incredible pace as they explore more about the environment around them.

Infants already have most of the nerve cells (also known as neurons) in their body that carry electrical messages.

Thus, due to surrounding by so much stimulation, infants have a tendency learning all the time.

So, take the opportunity of this incredible ability for learning by reading, singing and talking to your toddler whenever possible.

The more words your baby hear from you in first initial days, weeks or months, the better her language and listening skills are likely to be over time.

Final Note:

We hope you have liked these amazing newborn babies’ facts which you are going to experience with your little one in your life long journey ahead.

Be ready for all the messy moments packed with exciting facts and incredible adventures to reveal and experience together.

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