4 Easy Exercises For Abs To Get The Best Results


Fitness is all about being healthy and well maintained. It is a dream for many to have a perfect shaped body, but many wouldn’t either be able to work it out or to maintain if they have one. It is not just about curves and cuts, rather the state of maintaining it for a lifetime with the backup of proper food, sleep, last not the least, regular exercises. Yes, Abs plays a major role to project your body fitness. Can we call someone with a huge tummy as healthy? The doubt exists. There is no rocket science behind perfect Abs, it is rather “a flat belly without fat“. Let us know how one can develop better Abs with these easy exercises for abs which are suitable for all. Here are those.

Easy Exercises For Abs

1 – The Plank Position:

Quite simple while seeing, but bit difficult to do. Yes, on a longer run this exercise would be easier. It is one of the simple exercises for Abs using your arms. The good part is that you don’t need any equipment to do this one. Make yourself comfortable in a pushup position, bend your elbows and allow your weight to be on top of your forearms and ensure your body is straight up down. That is it.


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2 – Walking

Sounds familiar and easy, but not that simple to do as a routine for many, one of the best exercises for abs which is meant for the full body and obviously the most efficient exercise to get rid of belly fat. Once familiarized, you can move to a bit hardcore versions such as jogging and cardio exercises.

exercises for abs

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3- Crunches

When it comes to do some home exercises for abs, Crunches are one of the foremost exercise method any trainer would recommend. Yes, there are many type of abdominal crunches to get rid of unwanted fat from belly and to get cuts, such as regular crunches, twist crunches, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches etc.

crunches for abs

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4- Cycling:

If you can manage to balance on two wheels, cycling is one of the best exercises for abs to make your tummy flat. A regular practice of one hour cycling will burn a hell lot of calories from your body and this exercise is one among the best to tone your abdominal muscles.


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There are many other workouts to create a flat tummy. Yes, cuts are the major highlight here and one may go with exercises like Single leg stretch, Barbell squat, Gym Ball rollout etc.


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