Whole-Grain Vs Multigrain Bread, The Choice Is Simple!

whole-grain vs multigrain bread

So, a healthy day is waiting for you. What you do is wake up early in the morning and start thinking about a very important meal of the day that is your breakfast. But at times, it is very difficult to actually know which bread is healthy and which bread will actually help in creating a well-rounded healthy diet. Generally, people get confused between the Whole-Grain vs multigrain bread. And after going through the series of research, experts recommend that adults should eat at least three servings of whole grain products. Thus, here are some of the ways through which whole wheat bread can be differentiated from the multigrain bread.

Whole-Grain Vs Multigrain Bread

Whole Grains are Embossed With Nutrients:

The term “whole grain” actually refers to the flour which is made from all the parts of the wheat grain. The germ and the bran are actually the most nutritious parts of the wheat grain. The presence of zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, calcium, folic acid along with the key elements such as B1, B2, B3 and E actually makes it complete.


During the refinement strategies, in most of the cases, the nutrients are actually lost. But, multigrain bread is composed of different types of grains that it cannot actually miss the key nutrients from the body. On the contrast, multi-grain foods are actually healthier because they contain more than one type of grain and hence, it is termed as “seven-grain.”

The Whole Grains Actually Take Long To Get Absorb:

So, when you are eating a diet full of whole grains, you can actually reduce the risk of diabetes and also the heart diseases. Thus, it takes longer to absorb the whole grain products. In technical words, the slower is the absorption rate the slower is the sugar and the insulin level in the body. Talking about the multigrain bread, it actually gets absorbed much easily as compared to the whole grains.

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The Presence of The Dietary Fiber is More in Whole Grain:

Talking about the dietary fiber, this is actually a crucial part of any weight loss. The presence of the soluble fiber actually slows down the digestive process and thus, taking the time to complete the digestion process. The presence of the fiber in the food actually reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood. As compared to the multigrain bread, whole grain doesn’t have high fiber content.

Multigrain is A Low Source of Carbohydrates:


(Image Source: dailymail.co.uk)

When we are actually talking about the presence of the carbohydrates in the body, multigrain is actually a low source of carbohydrates as compared to the whole grains. It actually helps in the reduction of the cholesterol level in the body. The whole grain bread actually contains more carbohydrate complexes thus taking less time. This in turn actually takes less time to get converted into glucose.

So, is it Multigrain or Whole Grain bread For You?

When we are actually talking about the Whole-Grain vs multigrain bread, and if you are actually thinking about losing weight and building the muscles, then whole grain is the safest option. In this, you have the smartest choice to continue. But when you are looking for gaining weight, then multigrain bread sounds extremely appealing option. So, the two differs on the nutritional value. Hence, the choice is yours whether to opt for the whole grain or the multi-grain bread.


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