Top 10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Health and Fitness

apple cider vinegar

There are many natural health remedies that I use in my daily life, one of them is apple cider vinegar. I do recommend this to many of my friends as it helps me  for several reasons like detoxification, providing burst of energy in short time and also helps my body in digesting food easily.

I also use apple cider vinegar in daily personal cares like brushing, using the same as a conditioner or else using it has a cleaner.

apple cider vinegar

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Top Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Research of many doctors has also proved that intake of apple cider vinegar may help with improve in diabetes, lower blood pressure and also will help in weight loss naturally too.

The reason behind the healing factor of Apple cider vinegar is its compound which consist of potassium, probiotics, acetic acid, magnesium and loads of enzymes

1 – It Detoxes Your Body

The unfiltered part of apple cider vinegar may work as a tonic for lymphatic and liver. It also helps in balancing the pH level of our body and also stimulates cardiovascular stimulation and lymphatic drainage


2 – Natural Hair Conditioner

Apple cider vinegar may also be used as a hair conditioner which can make the hair shine like never before. The only thing you need to do is to fill 1 tbs apple cider vinegar and a cup of water in an old shampoo bottle, pour this mixture 3 times per week after shampoo for the best result


3 – Works As Natural Teeth Whitener

Want white teeth in a short span of time, apple vinegar will help you in no time. The procedure is too simple as all you need to do is take few drops of apple cider vinegar on your finger and rub them all around your teeth for a minute, BINGO! You can have natural white teeth as the pH of apple cider will remove the stains on teeth


4 – Daily Regulates Body’s pH

Acetic acid is one of the components of apple cider vinegar which is acidic in nature but has more alkaline effect too. It balances the pH level of body that may reduce diseases like cancer and will increase energy


5 – Can be Used as a House Cleaner

According to the various health experts, apple cider also contains anti bacterial properties which makes it perfect for house cleaning purpose. Just spray some on the windows and you may see the effect

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6 – Used to Soothe a Sunburn

When Sunburn is concerned during summers, it can be easily cured with the help of apple cider vinegar. All you need to do is use 1 cup of ACV with ¼ cup of coconut and the effect will be mind-blowing


7 – Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

In an old study, it was revealed that use of apple vinegar may help in reduction of triglycerides and blood pressure effectively


8 – Helps in killing Fungus

It has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which makes it one of the best home remedies for the treatment of fungal infection


9 – Works as Natural Deodorant

Body odor is mainly caused by bad bacteria and yeast, as apple cider vinegar is a mixture of anti bacterial and anti fungal properties; it kills them and provides a natural fragrance to the body


10 – Cold and Sore Throat

Apple cider vinegar also contains vitamins and probiotic – biotic acetic acid which is an ultimate cure for cold and sore throat. The natural way to consume it is by taking 2 tablespoon in one glass three times a day.


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