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heavy menstruation

Technology has been embraced in every area in this 21st century. Nowadays women have discovered ways to stay relaxed even in their worst days. Womanhood demands one to take care of herself both physically and mentally. One needs to know the right undergarments to put on when in those discomforting days.

You may wonder which days I am referring to! Let me tell you, menstruation period can be the worst days of every woman especially to those that experience heavy menstruation cycle. Heavy menses can be quite distressful especially if you don’t know how to handle yourself during those days.

How To Stay Worry-Free During Heavy Menstruation

  1. Put on comfortable clothes: Wear garments that breathe to prevent feeling sweaty or hot. You also need to choose underwear that holds your sanitary pads in place.
  2. Try your best to avoid leakage: Always make sure that you experiment with stronger pads to know the best for you. Avoid underpants with loose elastic.

The best and safest way is to use period panties if you normally have heavy flows. They are leak proof and prevent leakage to your pants or shorts.

  1. Relax: Do not stress yourself it can affect your flow cycle. Sleeping can make you feel much better.
  2. Eat the right food: It is advisable to take food rich in iron when menstruating in order to replace the iron lost in the blood.

The above are some ways you can use for you to stay relaxed during heavy periods. KnixWear Company is determined to make these days even safest for you. They have come up with a variety of period panties that consists of is set to give you peace of mind.

KnixWear has put into consideration the latest design and technology to produce attractive, cosy and functional underwear that will suit to your satisfaction. These panties are designed by women keeping women’s needs in mind.

Why Buy Knix Panties

They cater for every occasion from your daily workouts to office wear and other daily routines that women have. KnixWear panties are designed from 100% cotton gusset to absorb any liquid that comes around.

With fresh fix technology, KnixWear undies assure you that you are free from leak embracement as they are leak resistance and incredibly, they eliminate the bad odor that may come with periods.

These underwears have moisture wicking properties that will keep you dry during workouts hence you will stay comfortable all day long.

The leak proof underwear at KnixWear ensures high quality, style and comfortable panties for every woman.


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