Top 7 Hair Care Tips For Monsoon You Should Know

hair care tips for monsoon

There is no doubt that hairs are an essential part of the human body, which make a person looks good and confident. Thus, it is your duty to take good care of your hairs and when it comes to take care of hair during rainy season, it’s become even more important. So, here are some hair care tips for monsoon.

Top 7 hair care tips for monsoon:

1 – Keep Your Hair Dry

Though, you like monsoon, and you may also want to get your hair wet in the rain, but, do not forget that that rain water contains dirt and it is acidic, which is really terrible for the hair and can damage them.

So, when it is rainy season, always try to keep your hair away from the rain drops and keep them dry until unless you’re stuck in a heavy rain. This is surely a simple yet one of the best monsoon tips for hair care.

2 – Don’t let water in is a Great Way

Always try not to get water passes through your hair in monsoon. One of the most perfect methods to keep safe your hair in the monsoon season is to buy yourself a good quality of waterproof jacket, raincoat, with a hoodie or cap would be great.

3 – Use Shampoo Twice A Week

When it comes to good hair care tips for monsoon, using shampoo is a good thing to keep your hair clean, but when it comes to eliminate any unwanted dirt on your head due to heavy rains, always try to use a high quality shampoo.

Monsoon often left a bad effect of unhealthy hair and thus it becomes more crucial to use a decent shampoo in order to remove any bacterial pollution’s. In addition, using shampoo from root to tip is a recommended practice from experts.

4 – Use a Clean Brush or Comb

In order to detangling your hairs during monsoon season, it is a good method to use a wide and clean tooth brush or comb. During monsoon, moisture contains bad pollution, which can also store on combs, so, never forget to clean your comb or brush before using it.

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5 – Oil Massage

Massage with oil is one of the good hair tips for monsoon season, which actually helps the sogginess in your hair which recovers dry strands. Also, keep in mind to not apply excessive oil, otherwise you’ll end up wash it away in an attempt to remove the oil from your head, which will damage your hairs as a result.

6 – Properly Condition Your Hair

When it comes to condition your hair in rainy season, the perfect approach to properly condition your hair is by avoiding an unnecessary amount of conditioner and try to apply conditioner just at the ends and lengths of your hair for better results.

In order to get the best results, always try to use a wide tooth brush, as we also mentioned before, it will offer a decent spread to the conditioner. When you are done with the applying condition in a proper way, wisely rinse your hair with cold water.

7 – Avoid Tying

If you’re tying up your hair during the season of monsoon, then you’re probably welcoming water to get absorbed into your hair and reach to your scalps, which will eventually make it frizzier. If in cases, you really need to tie your hair, then always try to pick buns or ponytail styles which are easy and simple.


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