Growing Your Own Beauty And Skincare Garden (Plus Tips That Will Make You Happy!)


It has been since the ancient times when we first discovered the science of beauty products. From then onwards, we have used nature as our main source to beautify or improve ourselves. In modern times though,  the trend of relying on nature is once more alive.

Essential oils which have great benefits on the skin are often found in plants. And what could be better to create than your own beauty and skincare garden. Growing one at your own backyard makes it easily accessible and that you have control over the purity and quality of the products that you have.

Sure there are many popular beauty and skincare products that you can buy in stores today. However, some of them may have harmful chemicals that may not be compatible with your skin. Plants, herbs and flowers can be easily grown in your backyard and can be your source of essential oils and extracts that can give you a more favorable result.


Why create your own beauty and skincare garden?

Having your own beauty garden can have a lot more benefits than you can think of. Here are some of the advantages of creating your own beauty and skincare garden.

1 – Purity and quality of the product

Growing your own garden for beauty and skincare assures you that you know what you’re putting on your skin. As such, everything your skin absorbs makes its way into your bloodstream. Your own source of natural essential oils and extracts gives you the assurance that there are no additional chemicals that can cause you harm.

Nature has its own way of replenishing our body and that very much goes the same with caring for your skin and keeping yourself beautiful. The purity and quality of the product is very important when it comes to beauty and skincare. And the best way to make sure you have the best quality is to create them yourself.


2 – Cheaper than buying commercial products

Expectedly, buying commercial brand beauty and cosmetic products is more expensive than creating them yourself. There is a lot of money involved in the production of commercial beauty and skincare products, thus, it turns out to be more expensive to them. While growing them in your own backyard can give you enough resource at a very affordable price to have your beauty and skincare garden fully set up.


3 – A fun and rewarding hobby

Setting up your own beauty and skincare garden will not only be the source of your beauty treatments but it can also be a fun hobby to keep. Growing plants can be a very rewarding tasks for you especially once you have achieved the results you wanted for your beauty and skincare treatments.

Simple plants with great beauty and skincare benefits and how to grow them

Now, to give you useful information before creating your own beauty and skincare garden, we outlined a list of simple plants that can give you great beauty and skincare benefits. Here are some of the plants you can start growing in your beauty and skincare garden.


1 – Aloe Vera

One of the most common plants that has great benefits for skin care is the Aloe Vera. This cactus type of plant usually grows wild in tropical climates all over the world and is often times cultivated for its medical purposes. A clear gel-like substances is secreted from its leaves when broken off. You can also successfully grow its indoors as a potted plant.

  • Benefits and How to Use It

Aloe vera has antioxidants that aid in soothing the skin. Most of after-sun products contain aloe vera extract as their main ingredient. It is a very suitable treatment for stubborn acne and eczema. If you are one of many people with sensitive skin, you can use aloe vera extract as an effective makeup remover. Simply use a cotton ball and dip it unto your Aloe Vera gel and use it to remove your makeup. It also leaves your skin fresh, soft and smooth afterwards.

  • Tips on growing Aloe Vera

This plant can be easily grown indoors on a pot. Keep it under full-to-partial sun, or outdoor in warmer climates. The best thing about it is that it can survive and grow with very little water.


2 – Lavender

Lavandula, often referred to as Lavender based on color is a flowering plant from the mint family Lamiaceae. It has 47 known species that are cultivated extensively in temperate climates. It is usually used as culinary herbs, as ornamental plants or for its essential oils.

  • Benefits and How To Use It

Lavender is known to have benefits not just for skin care but is also known to have a calming effect, helps in elimination of tension, increases blood circulation and aids in respiratory problems. Among others, Lavender is known to have antiseptic and antifungal properties. It can be used to treat irritated skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema. It can also be used on stretchmarks and wrinkles. Its flowers can be infused in distilled water or in oils. This can be applied to your skin directly.

  • Tips on growing Lavender 

Lavender is easy to grow and you can also plant them in a pot. It is sensitive to excessive moisture and humidity. Proper drainage and air circulation is best for this plant. You can promote further growth by pruning its leaves from time to time. You can place them on by a windowsill so you can enjoyed its calmness scent.


3 – Thyme

Another plant that comes from the mint family of Lamiaceae is Thyme. It is an evergreen herb which has culinary, medical and ornamental uses. Thyme has been used since ancient times for baths or burnt as incense for temples.

  • Benefits and How To Use It

Thyme is an aromatic herb known to be rich in plant compounds called phenols. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties are perfect for treating acne. You can soak the leaves in apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks and use it as a daily toner. Another option is infusing it with witch hazel or brewed green tea.

  • Tips on growing Thyme

This is another potted plant that can be grown easily. All you need to remember is to water it daily and trim it from time to time.


4 – Rose

Admired by its beauty, the rose has more to offer. It is a woody, perennial flowering plant with over a hundred species. Its flowers vary in size, shape and color. roses have been cultivated around the world for its ornamental and medicinal uses.

  • Benefits and How To Use It

Roses act as a natural astringent and moisturizer for the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and soothes irritated skin. It can also reduce blotchiness and evens out skin tone. To use them, pluck a few petals and soak them in water for a couple of days. This can be used as a midday spray.

  • Tips on growing Roses 

Find a perfect spot in your garden that has a lot of sunshine and an ample amount of airflow. And just remember, roses can grow up to 15 feet so be ready to allot a suitable space for them.


5 – Calendula

With around 15 to 20 known species, the Calendula is a perennial herbaceous plant from the daisy family and are often known as marigolds. They are traditionally used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

  • Benefits and How To Use It

Calendula is best known to protect and prevent skin from fine lines and wrinkles. It has high levels of carotenoids and flavonoids. It can be used for cuts, scrapes and insect bites as it stimulates healing. You can use crushed Calendula flowers and leaves and apply it directly over the wounded area of the skin. Another option is to pound the Calendula flowers and leaves and dilute it in alcohol. Lastly, you can also add fresh Calendula flowers to a bath and just let your skin soak its benefits.

  • Tips on growing Calendula

Another plant that is easy to grow in a pot, the Calendula thrives in full-to-partial sun and moist soil.  It takes around 40 to 60 days for it to fully grow in size.


Final Thoughts

Growing these plants in your garden is an easy task with great benefits. Caring for yourself and making sure you have the best products to use is a wonderful thing. They may say beauty comes in a bottle but with having nature around us offering its benefits, we can say that beauty comes from a garden.

We hope that you have learned and enjoyed reading through this article. If you have any other suggestions or thoughts, please do drop your comments below. Until then, enjoy your beauty and skincare garden and stay happy and healthy as always!


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