6 Easy Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

stretch marks during pregnancy

Most pregnant women dread pregnancy stretch marks. If you are pregnant, then there are so many ways to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. From creams to natural ways, you can choose any option that suits you well.

Listed are some easy ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, read on.

1. Hydration is Important

Your skin needs to be hydrated for good elasticity. When the blood volume increases, it normally affects the skin. It’s important to drink at least ten glasses of water during pregnancy if you want to prevent stretch marks. Proper hydration also helps to get rid of the problem of dryness to a good extent. You can also have natural juices for hydration.

2. Have a Skin Nourishing Diet

Your diet does affect your skin. You must have a proper diet to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. Have foods that are rich in antioxidants like spinach and blueberries. Have foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin A in your daily diet plan. Omega 3 rich foods such as walnuts and flaxseed also help to prevent the condition of stretch marks during pregnancy.

3. Oil Massage

Do you know oil massage can help to reduce the free radical damage? Oil massage or oil treatment is very effective to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. You can use coconut oil, vitamin E oil or bio-oil for massage. Just massage your stomach and breast area for five minutes on a daily basis to prevent the marks. There is no side effect of using natural oils on your skin.

4. Exercise or yoga

Any form of exercise helps to retain the elasticity of skin and improves blood circulation. Practice comfortable stretches and simple exercises. You can also opt for basic yoga poses or prenatal yoga poses for daily exercise. But, it’s important to feel comfortable while practicing exercises. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can stop doing the same.

5. Dry Brushing Can Help You

Dry brushing not only improves the blood circulation but also keeps your skin healthy. You can use dry brushing as a preventative remedy for stretch marks. Use a dry brush that is made from natural fiber. Focus on the areas like the stomach and abdomen. Don’t use it around your breast area as its sensitive. You can do dry brushing on a daily basis to exfoliate your skin in the most effective way.

6. Use Topical Skin Creams

Creams and serums work like magic for the problem of stretch marks. There are creams that are available with natural ingredients for your skin. Stretch mark removal creams with vitamin E and vitamin C can do wonders for your skin. You can apply these creams daily, as there is no side effect on your skin. dermology stretch mark solution is not only good to prevent stretch marks; it also makes your skin soft. Choose a cream that best suits your skin.

You can easily prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with the above ways.


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