What is the best long term way of losing post baby fat – gym or yoga?

post baby fat

There are many methods of losing the post baby fat after pregnancy. Top of these includes: working out at the gym or doing yoga practices. It totally depends on you which so ever you choose and which one you enjoy more. Those people who feel it difficult to go to the gym every other day and find it hard to set a workout routine, it will be certainly not easy for them to push themselves for doing exercises as they will always find out some excuses.

On the other hand, if you find it exciting to perform yoga at home, it will be easier for you and won’t be so hard on yourself while losing weight by doing yoga moves. In fact, the gym is a faster way to lose weight and get rid of extra fats but is a little hectic. It involves working out with much intensity so that you could get back to your slim figure in less time; whereas in yoga, you have to hold yourself in the same posture for a long time, the process is slow and takes more time.

post baby fat

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In the end, it also depends on the types of exercises you do at the gym, the machines you use there; while in the case of yoga, it depends on the moves you do and the instructor you follow. These all factors contribute towards deciding the way you should take for losing post baby fat.

So, here is a brief guideline provided for both, gym and yoga followers. The top gym exercises which help in burning the fat rapidly and the best yoga moves which provide quicker results are mentioned here. You can pick any of these depending upon your level of comfortability and easiness.

Top gym exercises for losing post baby fat

Before you start the actual exercises at the gym, go through a smooth warmup. Warm up helps in raising the temperature of the body and thus prepares it for flexible body postures.

1. 10 Minutes Washboard Flat Abs workout

These are easy workouts which focus on lower abs and glutes. They are very effective for muscles in legs, lowers abs and glutes.

2. Super Easy Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

This exercise is very easy and can be done even at home. This involves waking up early and do some work out which includes sun salutations, planks, and exercises to power up the backbone. These moves lead to the reduction of the belly fats.

3. Burn Flab for the Perfect Abs

There is the variety of workouts which are beneficial for abs and help in making your tummy flattened. You can go for medium speed exercises or use gym equipment for this.

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Best Yoga Poses for losing Post-baby fat

Yoga is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of excessive fats which women usually gain after pregnancy, without any side effect. Let’s take a quick overview of some of the top moves for losing weight

1. Tiger Pose

The Tiger pose is one of the most advantageous positions for women after pregnancy. It involves getting up on your hands and knees while raising your left knee and pulling it towards the chest and bend your head inwards. You will feel stretching at your abdominal, back and hip area and all of these need to be worked out.

2. Cobra Pose

The Cobra pose is also called as Bhujangasana, which relieves the back pain after pregnancy. You have to lie on the flat floor, put hands under shoulders while lifting your chest up and feet joined. The stretching makes a curve in your back without hurting and burns your fat.

3. Pigeon Pose

The Pigeon pose aids in toning the lower body including hips, legs, and thighs, making them flexible and relieving stress. You need to kneel on the mat, stretch the left leg in the backward direction and bend the right knee bringing right foot closer to the pelvic bone. Balance yourself on the support of hands and hold it for 10 seconds.
Keeping in view the benefits of both forms, you can choose any one of them for getting rid of the post baby fat.



Either you go for gym or decide to perform yoga, both ways work well, but it is the matter of time duration which are different in both cases.

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