Boost Your Workout by Supplementing Your Nutritional Needs


If you are a frequent visitor at healthsecrets, you know that we regularly publish articles that help readers cope with array of ailments ranging from skin disease such as acne to more worrisome issues of baldness or Urinary Tract Infection. The articles are specially geared towards improving the overall quality of life of our readers and help them enjoy their life better.

Continuing on the same tradition, this time we thought to focus our attention on those readers who value the importance of having a healthy weight.

Lets dive deep into the subject of you can supplement your workout with proper nutrition to build lean muscles mass and cut down those stubborn belly fat.

As far as nutrition and supplements are concerned, there are a growing number of options available to us ranging from protein powders to creatine supplements. With the development of convenient health foods and skyrocketing availability of nutritional supplements, there is enough opportunity to achieve once unthinkable physique.

Every nutrition plan and diet fad that guarantees you weight loss is designed around the fact that you need to consume lesser calories than you burn. That’s exactly the reason when you follow a restrictive diet plan combined with dedicated workout regime your body screams for calories.


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When you subject your body to heavy strength exercises and the power movements, it craves for adequate fuel.

To get the best out of your efforts you need high quality training along with high quality nutrition to ensure you are adequately fueled and you also get recovered for your next session. Nutrition is not only about eating enough but also about making smart choices.

Here are few things you need to keep in mind in terms of nutrition:

Creatine Supplement

Since creatine is a nutrient, it doesn’t play direct role in weight loss or weight gain. But it draws water present in the body into our muscles. This causes muscles to expand. To maintain larger muscles, your body draws on their reserve fat for calorie requirement. In the process, your body burn fat and you lose that stubborn fat that you always wanted to get rid of.


Adequate amount of protein is essential for muscle building and recovery. When you don’t get adequate amount of protein, your body can even use your precious lean muscle mass to meets its energy requirements. To meet your daily protein requirement you should not consume less than 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body weight.

It is not only important that you get adequate amount of your daily protein intake but you should also spread out your protein among your meals. This will ensure maximally stimulating muscle-building and recovery.


Even though major portion of a typical meal consists of carbohydrates, they aren’t best for every meal. But if you are going to time your carbohydrate intake you will end up getting everything required and nothing that you don’t need.

The best time to have carbohydrate is before and after training. Around 2 to 3 hours before training, aim to consume 30 percent of your daily carbohydrates intake.


Fats are essential for absorption and storage of vitamins. It also helps synthesis of muscles-building hormones. You should aim at getting 30 percent of your calorie requirement from fat. Pair healthy fat with protein, and avoid carbohydrate.

Healthy fats and lean protein are great combination just prior to bed. This helps ensure steady supply of amino acids to your muscles overnight.

Knowing what meal is important than the other is helpful in training. After an intense training, a combination of protein and carbohydrate will ensure rapid delivery of nutrients to your muscles.



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