Benefits of Honey for Skin, Hair and Health

benefits of honey

Honey is a sweet fluid made by bees which is also known as one of the oldest natural sweeteners on the earth. Over the years, people found some great benefits of honey which inspire them to use honey for baking and as a distinctive flavor due to its attractive chemical properties.

High levels of glucose, monosaccharides, and fructose found in honey containing sugar about 70-80 percent which provides it the sweet taste and rest of its composition make up by the water and useful minerals.

So, further we’ll be going to discuss some great benefits of honey for Skin, hair and health:

Benefits of Honey for Skin

There is no doubt that honey has various benefits when eaten as food and when it comes to using honey for skin treatment, there are numerous ways to get benefited. If you are fanatic of homemade beauty treatment, you would like to add honey in your homemade skin treatment list.

So, below are some amazing benefits of honey for skin you should know:

1 – Acne Treatment

Honey is a well-known natural antibacterial, thus, it’s a great source to prevent and treat acne effectively without any side effects. Anti-inflammatory properties find in honey is also helpful in calm irritation and redness of the skin.

2 – Bath Soak

Antioxidants in honey will help in repair your skin and also protect it against the damage from environmental change and oxidative.

3 – Boost Skin Complexion

Honey is full of natural enzymes and nutrients which heal and nourish skin effectively. It is a natural humectant which also helps your skin by providing moisture to create a glow on your skin.

4 – Clean Skin Pores

When it comes to clean and purify the skin pores, enzymes find in honey plays an important role as a pores cleaner.

5 – Reduces Aging Signs

Honey contains a high amount of antioxidants which effectively work as an anti-aging solution to reduce aging signs on your skin. It strengthens your face skin and keeps it tight.

6 – Treatment for Sunburn

When it comes to treating a sun-exposed skin, use of honey can be your best escape as it restores hydration to the deepest coatings and aid recovery by calm burned skin.

Benefits of Honey for Hair

Honey is not only beneficial for skin, it is also beneficial for your hair in many ways. We all know that honey use as a superfood which contributes towards a healthier lifestyle. However, very few of us are aware of some great benefits of honey for hair growth and treatment of hair loss.

So, here are some benefits of honey for hair to get the best out of it in a more natural way:

1 – Good for Scalp

Honey is full of antioxidants and thus it keeps nourish your scalp and stimulate the growth of your hair in a natural way.

2 – Help in Growing Hair Follicles

Hair growth also depends on the growth of hair follicles. As we know that honey is an emollient, which helps in boost hair growth by wakening up the sleeping or dead hair follicles.

3 – Retain Hair Moisture

As we know that the honey has humectant properties, thus it helps in retain and regulate moisture of hair. In addition, honey contains a high sugar content which is again a good source to retain moisture and prevent the hair fall as result.

4 – Work as Hair Conditioner

Few of us know that honey also comprises of antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. The rich nutrients and enzymes present in honey prevent hair to be get damaged and give shine to dull hair.

Antibacterial properties of honey keep protect our scalp from unwanted infections and help in keep our scalp bacteria-free and clean which reduce itchiness and dandruff as a result.

Benefits of Honey for Health

1 – A Good Source of Nutrients

Honey is a great natural source of various nutrients which contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals majorly including, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron, copper, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, potassium and magnesium (as per the National Honey Board).

Thus, honey is a good choice over sugar for health in terms of getting necessary natural nutrients to maintain your calories.

2 – Helps in Reduce Cough and Throat Irritation

When it comes to getting rid of throat irritation and seasonal cough, honey can be your best escape in order to reduce a cough and throat irritation, especially buckwheat honey. In 2007, a study conducted on around 139 children, resulted that a single dose of buckwheat honey was as effective as dextromethorphan in reducing couch and providing proper sleep.

3 – Helps in Treat Wounds and Burns

Honey has not only internal health benefits, it has some external benefits too which majorly includes, healing of wounds and burns in an effective way. Applying honey on affected area of wounds and burns is as effective as conventional treatment with silver sulfadiazine.

4 – Toughen the Immune System

A healthy immune system has a very positive role in our overall body health. A healthy immune system helps our body to stay internally strong and fight against various diseases. There are two types of honey that are good for nourishing the immune system. Manuka Honey has been found to stimulate the production of immune cells according to a study at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University, UK.

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