Top 7 Best Health and Fitness Gadgets in India You Should Know

fitness gadgets in India

When it comes to staying fit and healthy and perform regular exercises on a regular basis to get the best fitness, sometimes all you need is a friend or a useful best gadget to help motivate you. Isn’t it? Well here are top 7 best fitness gadgets in India you should know about.

Top 7 Best Health and Fitness Gadgets in India


1 – Nike+ Sports Watch GPS


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When it comes to tracking your overall fitness activities including, calories, marks laps, intervals and your location, Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is easy to use the device. It acts like your personal running coach who keeps all the records of your workout activates through its unique feature like automatic run reminders.

This device has a backlit LCD display which allows you to see:

  • Calories burn
  • Battery status and charging
  • Time elapsed and distance
  • Average and instant pace
  • Stopwatch, History, and records
  • End of the run message and run reminders etc.
  • These features provide a detailed insight of your overall activities to keep you up and going. In addition, this device is sweat and water resistance.


2 – Polar RCX3 GPS


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If you are a runner or cyclist, Polar RCX3 GPS is one of the most helpful fitness gadgets for you. Polar RCX3 is a GPS-enabled the watch to track your speed, route and distance you covered. In addition, you can also upload these stats on the website of Polar’s Personal Trainer which offers you the access to essential training programs and keeps a record of your progress over time in order to provide you feedback on each workout.


3 – Nike+ Fuelband


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If you are a style fanatic, Nike+ Fuelband is the right fitness gadget for you. The gadget has a unique design to track your whole body movement regardless your gender, age, and weight in one go.

It provides you the real time feedback by tracking your all active movement in your daily life. The Bluetooth of the device always keeps you stay connected in order to share your progress with your family, coach, and friends to stay updated with your progress.


4 – Fitbit Flex


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Fitbit is a renowned wireless wristband to track your sleep and activities. It offers you to keep a track of your daily steps, calories, distance, stairs climbed and active minutes. It also helps you to maintain the quality and duration of your sleep.

With help of wi-fi you can stay connected to your body mass index (BMI), and percentage of your body fat over time. Even, you can sync it to any of your devices such as laptop or mobile, so you can always track progress and set goals.


5 – Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband


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If you find difficult to use your smartphone during the workout, you can always rely on this armband for strapping your phone to your arm to enjoy a hassle free workout.


6 – Xbox 360 Kinect Training Package


Get personalized training yourself and stay fit is become easy now with Microsoft Xbox Kinect motion tracker. Xbox 360 tracks all your workout move and provide you real time coaching. It is also compatible with a wide range of exercise games that offers you some interesting workout practices. It also helps you to keep a track of your overall performance and training.


7 – Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor


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Are you a sportsperson or fitness freaks? If yes, then Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor is ideal for you. This wristband comfortably allows you to measures accurate cholesterol level and heart rate with ease. In addition, it also helps you to keeps a track of speed and distance covered in your regular routine.

You don’t need to worry for sweating, as this amazing unisex heart rate monitor is sweat resistance and waterproof.


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