7 Effective Tips to Avoid Dehydration During Summer Season


In our last article, we covered 11 natural treatments for oily skin and today we bring to you some amazing tips on dehydration during summers. If you suffering with extreme sweat during the summer season, then you’re might be at a risk of suffering from dehydration problem.


What is Dehydration?

Well, Dehydration majorly happens when a human body loses significant quantity of fluids along with vital minerals and salts require for body. Believe you me, don’t take this problem lightly, it might even be related with something more serious you are not expecting.

But problem of dehydration is quite different during summer season. It often happens mostly when you fail to recover the loss of essential fluids which caused by extreme sweating due to increase in external temperature.

So, try these few simple yet effective tips to avoid dehydration that can help you the heat is on:


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Tips to avoid dehydration during summer:

1 – Consume Fruits and Vegetables

When dehydration is concerned during summer season, consuming fruits and vegetables helps you to prevent dehydration as they are easy to digest and contains lots of water properties. Having green salads during summer will keep you fresh and hydrate.


2 – Try to avoid spicy foods

Spicy food not only invites the problem of acidity or heart burn, it can also lead to loss of essential fluids from your body during summer season by increasing the internal body temperature.


3 – Increase Water Intake

There is no doubt that water plays an important role in your overall health, water intake not only helps you to lose weight effectively, but it can be your best escape to prevent dehydration during season of summer. So, don’t wait until you’re thirsty! Drink plenty of water throughout the day in regular intervals. Keep a watch on your urine, the clearer your urine, you’re hydrate enough.

4 – Perform Yoga

Yoga is a renowned practice to stay fit and healthy. Performing yoga during summers will help you to get relax and calm down your nerves that allow excessive sweating during extreme heat.


5 –Drink Natural Juice

Having a glass of fresh natural juice during summers not only helps you to keep yourself hydrate but it also provides you essential nutrients to keep you fresh and active throughout hot weather. According to various health experts, juice with no added sugar is good to consume.


6 – Wear Light and Lose Fitting Clothes

Wearing dark or heavy apparels during summers may lead to sweat more as darker shades has more heat absorbing properties, on the other hand, tight clothes may prevent external cooling which is essential for your body to regulate heat internally.

So, it is a good practice to wear lighter shades and lose outfits (preferably cotton) while going out in the sun during summers.


7 – Stay Away from Alcohol and Smoking

Having alcohol and cigarettes during summer season may lead to dehydration in your body. According to the health experts, regular smoking dries up the lining of throat which causes the body cells to lose hydration. Similarly, on the other hand, alcohol is a diuretic, it also dehydrate the body cells including lining of throat and stomach.

Alcohol also affects cells of liver which can also lead to sever dehydration problem in your body.

Hope these simple yet effective tips to prevent dehydration helps you to keep yourself fresh and hydrate throughout this summer season.


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