6 Everyday Activities That Burn a Great Number of Calories

activities to burn calories

Do you think that exercising in the gym or doing yoga is the only way to burn calories and lose weight? It is a wrong perception that going to gym or yoga classes is must to achieve the principle of balanced health. Indeed the scenario is quite different than portrayed by the diet specialist and nutritionist and the principle is that you have to set a target as you have to burn more calories than you consume. If you want to go easy on yourself, then there are other ways and activities that are effective enough to burn the targeted calories. And the good news is that these activities are none other than everyday activities so you no longer need to worry if you can’t find time for gym or yoga. This article will enlist six everyday activities that can burn a great number of calories.

Here Are 6 Everyday Activities That Helps in Burn Calories

1 – Grocery Shopping


An hour of grocery shopping can burn a great number of calories. Pushing a heavy cart throughout the store will engage all the muscles of your body, and as a result, you can burn up to 230 calories. To burn the maximum number of calories, it is recommended that you limit your weekly visits to the grocery store so that when you go after a long while you take more time to shop in detail. Another way to lose more calories is that you bag your groceries and carry them yourself to the car, carrying heavy weight while walking will cause more calories to burn.


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