Know These 5 Amazing Benefits of Lymph Drainage Massage

lymph drainage massage

It is a gentle style of bodywork that mimics the moments of lymph vessels. Peripheral lymph vessels contract at a rate of six to ten contractions per min, that’s why massage movements are repeated at the slow rate. There is an abundance of lymph capillaries below the skin, which uses deeper pressure to affect them; the therapist uses a light touch. Lymph fluid is drained towards the lymph nodes in the neck, groin, and armpits. The therapist will massage the lymph nodes first, and then will massage towards the lymph nodes, before massaging the trunk.

How is Lymph Drainage Massage Essential for Detoxifying?

The lymphatic fluid system works with the cardiovascular circulatory system to flush out the toxins and carry the immune cells throughout the body to help defend against infections. If the lymph fluid circulation is sluggish, then toxins can get accumulated and the immune cells may not get carried to the areas of the body where they’re needed.

Since the system doesn’t have a big central pump like the heart, it has to rely on the gravity, exercise, and breathing. It can also cause deterioration in organs and glands, which are vital for the immune system.

lymph drainage massage

That is why detoxification is important to avoid illness and chronic health conditions. So if you are feeling down or not at your best, and the exercise or diet hasn’t worked your way, then it is time to consider this massage, which will flush out all the toxins from the body. Always drink a glass or two of water after the massage to flush out the waste from the body. If you are a trained therapist and are looking to open a health clinic in your home, then opt for comfortable and safe equipment. You can buy second-hand equipment like comfortable and portable massage tables for sale at reasonable price.

Benefits of the Drainage Massage Therapy

1. Lymph drainage massage can help in healing the person after the surgery. It regenerates the tissues to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites. It also reduces the swelling and detoxifies the body.

2. The immune system is tied to the lymphatic system; if the lymphatic materials slow down, the immune system becomes weak. This massage can improve the function of immune system. Lymph drainage massages reduce the inflammation in the body, which is responsible for diseases like arthritis.

3. This massage is especially relaxing because it reduces the pain level in the body. The rhythm, pressure, and motion of the massage work together to reduce pain and stress and promotes general vitality.

4. The skin is inflamed during the acne, which is accompanied by the liquid retained in the skin cells. The draining effect of this technique decreases the inflammation and edemas, which makes the cure quick.

5. It is also effective in pregnancy and PMS syndrome. The hormonal change during the pregnancy determines liquid retention and decrease in the tonus of the vein and lymph vessels. The drainage can be started from the third month till the delivery and is very beneficial. It is also effective in treating the swelling experienced by women during menstruation.


If you are suffering from any infection or fever, then lymph drainage massage should not be considered by you. You should wait until the temperature returns to normal. If a person has a blood clot or history of blood clot, then avoid this massage or any other kind of massage. A person suffering from kidney failure will overload the weakened organs by indulging in such massage as it affects the volume of the blood.


Our body encounters with many pollutants each day, which accumulates in our body and causes health issues. This is a very effective tool for detoxifying the body. Drink adequate water, as it is a fluid based system, which will flush out the toxins from the body.

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