5 Indoor Plants That Helps in Purifying Polluted Air in Your House


Pollution has become a major problem in metro cities due to increase in traffic, construction dust and lack of greenery. Though, government regulations are taking various steps to overcome pollution in cities, but, here the major question is “how to deal with indoor air pollution if you have it in your own house?”


This will surely make you scared, but this is the truth that you need to purify the indoor air as there is various kind of toxic chemicals presents in the atmosphere within your home. It’s not outside pollution which can cause the various bad effect to your health, but it can be indoor pollution too which can cause bad health.


What Cause Indoor Air Pollution?

Well, there are no certain reasons to cause indoor air pollution, but indoor pollution majorly occurs when certain air pollutants from dust particles and gases infect the air of indoor places. Here are some major causes of indoor air pollution:

  • Waste food products
  • Toxic products
  • Improper ventilation
  • Indoor humidity


Thus, it is very important for you to purify indoor air pollution to enjoy a healthy life. Well, there are some indoor plants that help to reduce bad air and improve indoor air quality. So, here we bring to you some amazing plants to purify indoor air:

Plants to purify indoor air pollution

1 – Spider Plant


(Image Source: Wiki – Nurserylive)

Spider plants are known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow and that is the reason why this plant is a great choice when it comes to purifying the indoor air. Spider plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight and produce tiny white flowers.

This plant fight with formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide and various toxic. Even, many people claim this houseplant safe for pets.


2 – Aloe Vera


Easy to grow and can be found in home gardens. Aloe Vera is a sun-loving houseplant that helps in clean various indoor pollution including, benzene or formaldehyde which can be found in chemical-based products such as paint, polish, and cleaners.

Aloe Vera is also well-known as medic plant due to its healing properties to cure burn and wounds effectively.


3 – Boston Fern


(Image Source: Costa Farms)

When reducing indoor air pollution is concerned, Boston Fern plays a vital role. These indoor houseplants prefer to clear the polluted air from a cool location with indirect sunlight and high humidity.

Boston fern is easy to grow, but these houseplants do need to stay moist most of the time. This indoor house plant helps in fight various toxic particles majorly xylene and formaldehyde.

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4 – Peace Lily


(Image Source: Making Mrs. M)

Peace Lily is one of the few indoor houseplants that will bloom as well. Peace Lily is the best indoor plant that helps in removing benzene, formaldehyde and certain VOCs that are produced by harsh cleaning products.

Peace Lily prefer low sunlight and it has a high transpiration rate that will humidify indoor house air. Also, this plant can be poisonous, so, keep it away from pets and children in your home.


5 – Snake Plant


(Image Source: Gear Patrol)

Snake plant is one of the hardest houseplants to kill. According to the experts, snake plants does require to be watered sometimes, but it generally has a preference for drier conditions and sun.

Pollutants removed: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene


So, if you want healthy and pollution free indoor air, these indoor plants are the best escape for you. Also, while selecting one of these plants to place in your house, always keep in mind that you choose the right place and temperature as care of these plants is very important in order to make them last long.


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