5 High Fibre Sources To Add in Your Diet For A Good Health

oats - best fibre source

Today people are more conscious about their health, but they are not so much aware about the importance of fibre sources in their daily diet. There is no doubt that fiber sources are very essential for our health to stay fit and fine.

People might think that having a slice of bread is cool enough to provide required fiber to be healthy. But, the fact is, bread is alone not enough to provide you sufficient fiber as required by the body. There are a wide range of foods available to fulfill all your daily need of fiber.

So, here we bring to you 5 high sources of fiber to add in your daily diet.

Best Fibre Sources For Health


The Avocado is a unique kind of fruit rich in healthy fats. Major fruit items contains carbohydrate while on the other hand, avocados are dense in healthy fat and calories. This rich and creamy fruit added to almost all dishes. So, whether it is to serve with salad or having it like any other fruit, avocados not just only put in lot of flavor, it also helps in to boosts your fibre intake.

Avocados contain more fibre source per ounce than any other fruit in this category. As per the sources, it helps in lower down “bad” LDL cholesterol and lift “good” HDL levels.

Avocados are also found rich in lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, vitamins B, E, K and magnesium.

Avacado - source of fibre

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Figs are one of the best high-fibre sources in fruits when it comes to take a good amount of fibre on a daily basis which holds around 6.58 grams in an eight-ounce serving. Even, you can avail dried figs round the year, but there’s nothing better than a fresh juicy fig. These delicious fruits are full of calcium and found high in necessary manganese and potassium.

Figs - fibre source

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Believe it or not, oats are well known as a classic muscles building meal. Oats are good source of a specific kind of fibre generally known as beta-glucan. This particular kind of fibre found in oats is well known to help in lower down the levels of bad cholesterol in a effective way. According to the diet experts, it is recommended to take daily intake of fibre sources for women are 25g and for men is 38g.

fibre sources

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Eggplant is recognizing as a deep purple-skinned vegetable which is often cooked down to such a mushy state. Eggplant is a very good source of dietary fibre, copper, manganese, potassium and vitamin B1. But in fact, eggplant contains almost 3 gm of fibre for every 19.7 calories. This means that unlike bread, which is high in calories for just a little gm of fibre, eggplant is an excellent means of fibre sources to reach your daily needs. Nutritionally dense, eggplant will also offer you with loads of manganese, potassium, folate, B6, K, and C per serving.

eggplant - food for fibre

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Beans are well known as the biggest pack of fibre punch of any food or meal. Past studies have shown that people who include beans in their meals have a lesser risk of heart diseases. Beans are good source of soluble fibre and thus play a crucial role in controlling cholesterol levels of blood. As per the studies, most varieties of beans are good source of folate, B-vitamins, iron and protein; they are also very low in fat.


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So, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, start including these ultimate fibre sources, nutritious foods to your daily meal.


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