Sciatica Pain is a Pins and Needles Condition


It is said that “All diseases run into one way, no matter how contagious they can be”. So, to get a healthy living, there is a need to thoroughly examine each and every disease and accordingly seek the solutions. As per a recent research, there are 60% of the people who are undergoing this pain called Sciatica pain. It is very severe and debilitating pain. The pain gets so worst that is almost killing. But, what pain is this and what are the sciatica pain  symptoms which are surrounded by this disease. So, let’s see how this disease is in the talks these days:

Sciatica Pain- Know everything you want!

Sciatica is a nerve pain that is caused by the irritation of the Sciatica nerve. This is the largest nerve that is extending the lower back down the back of each leg. This lower back pain is very severe and the patients actually suffer like having electrical shocks running down the leg, or burning pain. Although, the treatment of this problem depends on the underlying cause and the severity of the pain. At few times, this problem can persist during pregnancy as well.

Sciatica pain

Common symptoms that lead to Sciatica:

Well, common symptoms that are being talked most include:

  • The constant pain in one side of the buttock or leg.
  • The pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting. This pain is sharp or searing.
  • There is weakness or numbness when moving the leg or foot.
  • There is a lower back pain which if experienced is not as severe as the leg pain.
  • There is a pins-and-needles sensation along with prickling sensation down the leg in some cases.
  • There is an injury to the lumbar spine.
  • In few cases, the symptoms of Sciatica are bothered by walking or bending at the waist and then it is relieved by lying down.

What causes this Sciatica pain?

The common causes of this pain are also very common. They are:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis that deals with the narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back.
  • The muscle spasm in the back or buttocks is also a common cause.
  • Spondylolisthesis which is a condition in that results in one vertebra slipping forward over another one.
  • The pregnancy is also a common cause.

Sciatica-Diagnosis from the expert view:

This pain is diagnosed with a physical exam and a medical history. The symptoms and the examinations help the experts to diagnose Sciatica. There are X-rays and other tests such as CT scan, electromyogram, and MRI scan are actually used to define the causes of sciatica.

Professionals treating Sciatica are valued:

When it comes to treating of the Sciatica pain, special physicians evaluate and treat Sciatica that ranges from generalists to the other specialists. These specialties include internal medicine, general medicine, pain management, neurosurgery, gynecology etc.

Sciatica – Treatments were done:

There are two measures which have been examined: The primary and the secondary. The primary outcome is associated with the global assessments of improving it after two and 12 weeks. In the case of the secondary outcomes, there are changes in the functional status and also in the pain scores. So, the treatment is given accordingly.

The intense pain of Sciatica can be cured by visiting your doctor. So, the very next time when you observe these sciatica pain symptoms, do consider that a doctor’s visit is surely must!


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