Hair Weaving – The Quick & Advanced Solution For Baldness

hair weaving

A receding hair line can be extremely depressing and that constant thought of how you can control hair fall can only add to the problem if effective solutions are not adopted.

Now, you may come across ample of natural and artificial solutions to get back your lost hair; however, not all turn out to be lucky with available remedies. It is again because of this reason that many people remain a little skeptical while choosing an effective hair fall treatment.

Medical science has successfully brought about multitude of solutions to various health problems.  And when it comes to hair loss, the options are ample. Out of the many different remedies, hair weaving is one of the most popular and opted for. The following discussion will help you learn about few of the popular hair weaving techniques and how you can opt for one that will serve your purpose effectively.

hair weaving
Hair Weaving – The Procedure:

Hair weaving is a technique of adding artificial hair to bald spots. The hair used can either be human or synthetic. And depending on a number of factors, hair weaving can be carried out in a number of methods that has been discussed as follows:

Fusion Hair Weave:

Fusion hair weave is the most popular and believed to be the most effective solutions so far. In this method, artificial strands of hair are fused to a person’s natural hair and not simply glued on to the scalps. However, hair weaving done using this method turns out to be slightly expensive as compared to other procedures. And therefore many opt for other processes that have been discussed in the later sections.

Sew in weaves:

Most of the professional hair saloons perform this process of hair weaving. In this method, artificial hair is woven with natural hair to form small braids that lie flat on the scalp. After the completion, the volume of hair looks much thicker and natural. Besides, these weaves are the easiest to maintain and therefore stands as a popular choice amongst individuals.

Drawstring Weaves:

Drawstring weaves are more effective for women who prefer to keep their hair tied in a pony or bun. This is because; the weaves are not attached to the natural hair and are rather removable when needed. One of the advantages of this method is that it does not strain the natural hair much and therefore is opted by many.

Glue in weaves:

Glue in weaves as evident from the name is a process where artificial hair is simply glued and attached to the bald spots. You do not need special medical attention to perform this procedure and many beauty salons do offer glue in weaves as an effective thinning hair or baldness solution. However, care must be taken that the technique is performed with utmost care as the glue may bring about adverse side effects if applied wrongly. The technique is otherwise safe to perform and comes out with satisfactory results where women enjoy thick volume of hair.

These were few of the popular hair weaving techniques available in most hospitals and cosmetic care centers in India. All of these above mentioned procedures come up with expected results and are affordable; however, depending on the texture of your natural hair and scalp conditions cost of hair weaving may vary.

Let us now proceed towards how you can take care of your weaved hair. Long term benefits depends upon how well you maintain and take care of your weaved hair.


Caring for the newly weaved hair:

The following are some of the general tips of taking care of hair weaving:

  • Sleep on a satin pillow
  • Tie your hair into a hair band before going to sleep
  • Wash hair as per advice
  • Trim your hair to prevent growth of split ends
  • Moisturize your hair sufficiently every morning
  • Do not use elastic bands if possible
  • Avoid too many chemicals or experimenting new hair styles without advice
  • Drink sufficient water to keep your natural hair healthy
  • Brush your hair with wide tooth combs


Are there any side effects?

Hair weaving comes up with an instant solution to baldness, and therefore stands as one of the most opted solutions. However, similar to any other medical procedure, hair weaving can also be associated with a couple of side effects. It must be noted that not everyone opting for the procedure will end up with negative results. There is only a thin population of people who have experienced adverse effects post procedure and this can be due to multiple reasons not relating to the technique.

Hair weaving however requires you to visit hair care centers and salons after every few months as the process offers a temporary solution and not a long term one. The above mentioned steps of weave maintenance can very well help to keep the weaves in a perfect shape for a long duration.

Loss of natural hair is slowly becoming very common amongst young men and women. There are a multitude of reasons for this relating to our lifestyle; our eating habits, stress levels, environmental degradation and loads more add to our deteriorating health conditions. Hair fall can also be a symptom of some other health conditions and therefore it is always suggested that any unusual hair loss should be reported to a doctor immediately.

This was all about hair weaving and how you can take care of your weaved hair. Hair weaving in India is available with multiple cosmetic centers at an affordable price. So, it is weaving that you are looking for, this article should have sufficed all your queries can go ahead to get back your lost hair!


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