7 Well Known Health Benefits of Green Tea

green tea benefits

With time, it’s proven that green tea benefits becomes one of the healthiest discussion on our daily life. Now days, people are more conscious about their health. So, having green tea on a regular basis can be beneficial for you as it is full with necessary nutrients and antioxidants which are required for the body in long run.

Green tea has some incredible benefits which help us in to enhanced brain function, cut down the risk of cancer, fat loss and few more.

So, here we bring to you 7 green tea benefits for health that are well known and have been defined in various human research and studies.


Green Tea Benefits

1 – Helps in Boosts Up Your Energy Levels

One of the best green tea benefits is providing a quick energy boost to your body as it has the capability to burn extra calories than normal. It is proven that, the antioxidants contains by green tea helps in producing ample energy and which also helps in keep the cells clean from time to time. Green tea benefits is also helps in to stables energy levels of the body by balancing blood sugar levels. According to the sources, green tea contains EGCG, a most potent antioxidant a type of catechin which help in improves insulin in order to prevent spike in sugar levels.

2 – Reduces Cholesterol:

Due to our daily busy routine and improper diet, we unknowingly increases the cholesterol level of our body, though lowering down the weight and reducing cholesterol are strongly connected, the fact is that lowering down your body cholesterol also helps you in reducing the body weight eventually, on the other hand cut down weight can help you in lowering down the cholesterol levels of the body.

In the same context, green tea helps you to progress the portion of good cholesterol (HDL) over bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Green tea contains EGCG and catechin polyphenols which has been well known for their ability to reduce the cancer cells, effectively lower LDL cholesterol levels and irregular function of blood clots. Leaves of green tea are dry up and steamed to make catechins and EGCGs more concentrated.

3 – Help as a great Anti Aging

Skin aging generally happens when continues growth of free radicals in your body harm your skin and aging of your body cells. According to experts, free radicals take place naturally, but their growth doubles when your skin is exposed to pollution, Ultra Violate radiation and chemicals present in our surrounding atmosphere. As per the studies, EGCG is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E when it comes to devastate free radicals.

One of the good chemicals produced by human body is “Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)”, which has the supremacy to beat away free radicals with an effective manner. SOD also helps in avoid the damage of body’s cells and helps you to reduce wrinkling eventually.

Thus, activities of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) can be improved by Catechins, which present in green tea, which also enhance the body’s capability to fight with free radical affects.

4 – Great Benefits for Skin:

Believe it or not, but extracts of green tea are usually used to take care and treat number of skin diseases and problems including skin cancer. Antioxidants found in green tea known as Polyphenols, are good source for removing free radicals from the skin before they have the chance to harm the DNA presents in your skin cells. Also, extracts of green tea helps you to protect your skin against Ultra Violate radiation of the sun and thus helps you to maintain a healthy glowing skin.

5 – Good for Oral Health:

Green tea is also known as an immense natural source of fluoride, and a compound that is supplement with drinking water in order to avoid tooth decay. According to the experts, green tea in combination with its anti-bacterial effects offers the best natural way to help strengthen your teeth, which also reduces bad breath as a result. Green tea lowers down the acidity of saliva, which helps in control bacteria and dental plaque to prevent cavities.

6 – Helps in to reduce the risk of Cancer:

Green tea also helps in prevent the arrival of various types of cancer including lung cancer, breast cancers and prostrate cancers. Various chemicals found in green tea, especially EGCG are able to target those cancel cells which leaving the healthy cells untouched and alone.

Women can be more benefited from green tea than man in terms of various cancer risks. EGCG presents to reduce colorectal cancers and may help in halting colorectal cancer in our body.

7 – Reduce puffy eyes

There are various herbalists claim that green tea bags also helps in to cure puffy eyes problems. Two wet green tea bags are good to place on tired or swollen eyes for instant refreshes during puffy eyes.


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