5 Ultimate Back Fat Exercises at Home


In the previous article, we have discussed about some easy weight loss tips and today we are going to share with you some amazing back fat exercises. Back fat always been a big trouble for women who really do care for their figure & fitness. Due to back fat, many even don’t able to wear their favorite backless dress while getting ready for the party. Today back fat is a common issue among women and sometimes it becomes more critical to find the best back fat exercises to perform at home.

But how you’ll get rid of it? It’s time for some effective exercise. In addition, none of them required high gym fee or required any costly equipment. All you need to be stay focused and active, here are 5 ultimate exercises to eliminate back fat.

Back Fat Exercises at Home

1 – Push Ups

While you are going to start your workout plan to cut down those unwanted back fat, put push ups on top in the list of back fat exercises. Push ups known as the perfect exercise for back fat as well as for toning up your arm muscles. Simple push ups do not require any kind of equipment other than your body and arms and can be easily performed anywhere.


  1. Keep and balance a straight line from your heels to your head.
  2. Place your hands palm down on the floor and don’t push your butt into the air.
  3. Bend your toes towards your head but keep remembering that the balls of your feet should touch the ground.
  4. Now raise yourself with the support of your arms.
  5. Perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps daily.

back fat exercises at home

2 – Rowing

If done in a proper way, Rowing is also an effective exercise to reduce back fat. Just followed by push ups, the key to success is proper form of rowing moves. Rowing is also important in order to tone up your back fat as it requires equal efforts from both the lower and upper body.


  1. Sit and bent your legs, now Lean your upper body toward your knee but don’t forget to keep your shoulders and back straight.
  2. It is recommended to not lean back during exercise, start push off with your legs.
  3. Pull the bar towards the middle of your chest and draw elbows behind you and going on to push with your legs.
  4. As soon as the bar touches your lower chest, squeeze your shoulder edges together. Give relax to your arms and let the cable gently pull your arms back towards the flywheels.
  5. While the handle passes your extended knees, bow them to the slide advancing on the seat.


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3 – Kettlebell Swings

If you don’t have much time for exercise, try Kettlebell for just 10-15 minutes daily. These cannon ball shaped weights offer an impressive way of workout that provide you more fat burning and body toning profits . When you keep a workout with Kettlebell, you swing it rhythmically through full body motion to lift your heart rate fast and target more muscles.


  1. While starting with Kettlebell, stand with feet wide apart on the ground in front of you.
  2. Bowing yourself a little forwards and holds the handle of Kettlebell with both hands.
  3. Now bend your knees to some extent and pull the Kettlebell like swing between your legs and out in front of you, till it reach to the level of your chest.



4 – Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose really help to cut down back fat and also give strengthen to your back. it is an effective exercise that stretches your body muscles on the front of the torso and offer you strong shoulders and arms.


  1. Lie down on your belly, and let your head rests on your lower arms.
  2. Now raise your forehead and upper body up off of the floor with the help of your back strength.
  3. Put your head up, lift longer the neck so you can able to looking at the ceiling.
  4. While you are in position with these steps, now lift your hips for about 2-3 inches off the ground and keep on hold this stretch for 3-4 breaths.


5 – The Superman Pose

The supermen pose is a ground exercise that helps you to reduce your back fat as well as to strengthen your lower back and essential muscles. All you require is to hold on this effective exercise for desired time.


  1. Just start with lying down on your belly straight on the floor.
  2. Now extend your arms, followed by your left leg and lift your head 3 inches off the floor.
  3. Keep on hold this for three seconds. Now release by taking down your arm, head & leg.
  4. Switch to the next side. This time, lift your left arm & right leg along with your head.
  5. This complete 1 set. For best results, repeat it 8-10 times.


Next time while you’ll make your workout plan, don’t forget to add these amazing home exercises to reduce back fat and give strengthen to your body.


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