World Health Day: Health Report Card of India is Not That ‘Healthy’

health report

New Delhi, April 7: As the world all set to witness World Health Day on Friday, India’s health report card is unfortunately not that much healthy. On April 7, World Health Day is celebrated around the globe every year. According to the last Health Report of India, focusing on nutrition, was released on December 10, 2015, by Union Health Minister JP Nadda. The report, arranged by Transform Nutrition Consortium, clearly showed how India still suffers from malnutrition.

health report


(Image Source: Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital)

According to the sources, this report observes the present situation of the country in terms of nutrition at the both state and national levels. In spite of making such major improvements in the past 10 years, the released health report shows that the nation still struggles to tackle malnutrition problem. The nation meets two of the eight defined targets set by the World Health Organisation.


So, here are 10 key points from the health report you should know:

  1. According to this report, there are around 55% of Indian women aged between 15 and 49 have reported anemia or low blood cell count.
  1. It is reported that Over 38% of children in India have little growth and around 18.6% of children under the age group of three years have low birth weight (under 2.5 kilograms).
  1. There are around 63% of mothers in India, who have children aged under the age group of 36 months, have received 3 or more pre-birth checkups.
  1. A large number of expected vaccination has also not reached its target as only 65.3% children of 12 to 23 months of age group have received full immunization.
  1. Reports stated that Malnutrition is still widespread in the country, as it is reported that only 50.5% infants of six to eight months age group receive solid, semi-solid and soft food.
  1. The report also indicates that 69.5% children of India aged between six to 35 months are suffering from anemia problem.

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  1. It also stated that as many as 44.7% of girls between 15 to 18 aged group have low Basal Metabolic Rate.
  1. The health report also points out that various infant malnutrition cases might be a result of early marriage. It also reveals that about 30% of women, age 20 to 24, had been married early at the age of 18 years.
  1. Reports showed health rate of the infant has improved in India in the last 10 years as awareness about the right baby diet has educated the mothers. At current, there are around 64.9% infants, under age group of five months, are exclusively breastfed.
  1. The situation of malnutrition in India among children may stance bigger threats in health care area for the nation in the future. Only 21.3% of children under age of three years have received supplementary food recommended by Integrated Child Development Services for 21 days, a month. This year’s, the World Health Day has been dedicated to the topic of depression where the goal is to motivate people to talk more about their experience while handling depression and to seek help. Depression is often a hidden illness in people, but it can impact on the ability of people to carry out even simple tasks, and in the most serious cases, can lead to death by suicide.


News Source: OneIndia


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