Chikungunya Disease – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

symptoms of chikungunya

Now days, Chikungunya is spreading massively in various parts of the nation, which has majorly affected the capital, Delhi. Chikungunya (Chik-un-GUN-yuh) is a well-known virus transmitted in the human body by mosquitoes, which causes the sudden onset of joint pain and fever. So, it is very important for us to know more about various symptoms of chikungunya to get the best possible treatment of chikungunya on time.

Symptoms of Chikungunya

Generally, symptoms of Chikungunya come in spotlight 2 or 7 days after a person being transmitted with virus by an infected mosquito. There are various Symptoms of Chikungunya has been found in people. Below are some major Symptoms:

  • Muscles & joint Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Red rashes on body

Where Chikungunya Disease Found?

When it comes to the origin, many people earlier thought Chikungunya as a tropical diseases due to, until recently, it was majorly found only in Asia, Africa and India. But, since 2007, Chikungunya have been stated in France, Italy, Croatia and islands in the Caribbean. (Source:

Can Infection Of Chikungunya Spread One Person To Another?

Well, this is the thing which can be more dangerous when Chikungunya is concerned, but, fortunately the virus infection of Chikungunya is not considered to be contagious as there is no possibility of direct transfer of Chikungunya viruses from one human to another. However, in some rare cases, the virus may possibly transfer from a mother to her newborn baby.

Also, be careful when transmitting blood is concerned from one person to another person as it may also cause Chikungunya through infected blood of one individual to another.

Is Chikungunya Different From Dengue?

Yes, Chikungunya is different from dengue disease from various points. Here are some points which can differentiate Chikungunya from dengue virus:

  • Chikungunya disease can be circulated through birds and cattle, while dengue can spread only through mosquitoes.
  • Symptoms of Chikungunya can prolong for about 3 to 6 months, on the other hand, symptoms of dengue subside in almost 15 days.
  • High fever and severe joint pain are the major symptoms of Chikungunya, while dengue brings high fever, rashes and drop in platelet counts.

Prevention of Chikungunya:

There is a good saying by Desiderius Erasmus “Prevention is better than cure”. Well, we all know that disease of Chikungunya spread through infected mosquito bites and thus it is very important to prevent this first.

Below are some points through which we can fight against this deadly virus, Chikungunya:

  • First of all, try avoiding bitten by infected mosquitoes
  • Wear full length cloths to avoid mosquito bites
  • Keep your surroundings clean
  • Don’t let water store in empty tanks, pools or tires where mosquito can breed.
  • Always try to use mosquito nets, especially for children’s to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Close windows of your house at evening to stop mosquito’s advancement.

Treatment of Chikungunya:

As of now, there is no particular treatment available for Chikungunya disease and there is no vaccine is available as well to cure this dangerous disease. However, you can cure this dangerous disease with the help of some major tips below:

  • Take complete bed rest as possible as you can
  • Increase intake of natural fluids, such as, coconut water and fruit juice
  • Take medicine such as paracetamol when feel the fever (it’s best to consult with a doctor first as medicine’s may vary)
  • Protect infected individual from further exposure to mosquitoes.
  • Avoid any kind of junk food
  • Build a strong immune system which helps you to fight with this Chikungunya effectively
  • Do mild exercises for joints to get relief from pain
Ayurveda – Home treatment for Chikungunya:

Since, allopathy has no medicine for Chikungunya disease, thus people are increasingly looking forward to traditional home remedies for Chikungunya which is Ayurveda. Treatment of Chikungunya through Ayurveda generally involves the use of herbal drugs and natural herbs.

Here are some of the kashayams (herbal decoction), prescribed are:

  • Mahasudarshana Churna
  • Panchathiktha
  • Amrutharista kashayam
  • Sudarshan Churnam
  • Amruthotharam Kashayam
  • Dhanvantaram Gutika.
Homeopathic Treatment of Chikungunya

Various homeopathic experts stated that there are some effective drugs are available in the market to well prevent as well as to boost up an individual recovery from Chikungunya disease. According to sources, such type of treatment is already carried out in some parts of the south Indian cities. It is also claimed that the medicine Eupatorium perf can effectively prevent infection of Chikungunya.

There are some other medicines also prescribed for the disease include:

  • Rhus-tox
  • Pyroginum,
  • Influenzinum
  • Cedron
  • China and Arnica

When should I consult a doctor?
Don’t wait to visit your doctor when you think you or any member of your family may have above symptoms of Chikungunya, it becomes more crucial when you recently traveled to such areas where the virus of Chikungunya outbreak.

In most cases, Chikungunya can be cured with home remedies. However, it is recommended for pregnant women and patients with some major health problems to always consult a doctor.


Closing Thoughts:

These above symptoms and treatment of Chikungunya will defiantly help you out to better understand this disease and take proper care accordingly, but it is also important to understand that these symptoms and treatment may vary person to person.

So, it is very crucial to always consult your doctor first if you find these mentioned symptoms of Chikungunya in an individual body. Also, taking medicine’s for fever from your own is not recommended (avoid aspirin), instead take medicines after consult with a doctor.


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