Easy Steps to Make a Perfect Green Tea

green tea making

There is no doubt that green tea gained a huge popularity among health conscious people these days, but there are many people are still not aware of the right process to make a perfect green tea. Here’s all you need to know some of the basic yet effective steps to make a perfect green tea, else you might end up making a tea for yourself which might be strong and bitter in taste.

Thus, here we bring to you some easy steps that might help beginners on how to make a green tea. Also, here beginners will be suggested what all the steps should be taken carefully to avoid any mistakes while making a fresh green tea to taste excellent.

Steps To Make A Perfect Green Tea

Start With Ingredients:

  • Some hot water, if possible, take spring water
  • Organic Green tea leaves or bags (as preferred)

Green Tea Method:

  • If you are making one cup for yourself, then one cup of water usually needs one teaspoon of quality green leaves. Therefore, the amount of green leaves depends on the quantity of cups of water you choose.
  • Put these selected leaves of tea in a strainer and heat the preferred amount of water in a kettle to about 180°F or 80°C for better results.
  • Now it’s the time to put the strainer with leaves into a tea mug and then pour the heated water over the leaves of green tea.
  • Make sure to sheer the tea leaves for about 2-3 minutes until perfect and then remove the strainer.
  • All done, It is now your time to taste and enjoy a perfect cup of tea.
  • To add up some more healthy elements, you can also pour some honey on it as per your taste, but ensure to put a limited amount of the sweet contents to get the maximum benefits out of it.

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Points To Remember:

For a good taste, never sheer the tea leaves for any longer.

Also, avoid sheer the tea leaves in extreme hot water.

As what many tea experts recommend, try not to use a microwave to heat the water for green tea.

Always avoid using your finger to touch the leaves of green tea, instead, always use a clean spoon, while preparing for the tea as these tea leaves are very sensitive and can easily cause lack of freshness and nutrition as a result.

It is good when it’s freshly made and taken warm or little hot.

Drinking cold tea may hurt your organs which cause bad health as a result.

If you want good results and you are a genuine health conscious, then never compromise with price when you are looking to buy green tea leaves, as you never know that it might affect the quality of the tea you are buying which eventually result a bad health.


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