Looking To Control Food Cravings? Here Are 7 Best Tips You Should Know


When you desire to eat a specific food is well known as food craving which is not same as normal hunger you feel. There are various observations from health experts showed that things which people most crave are chocolate and other confectioneries.  In other words, the craving of non-food items is also called pica.

According to a study, foods which contain high sugar content, such as sweets, are more likely to be craved than other food items. It is showed in various health studies that after consuming some sweets, people be likely to consume more of it, much like an addict foodie, this all happen because of the human brain releases “happy hormones” in the presence of glucose.

food cravings

What Are All the Major Causes of Food Craving?

An increase in appetite while eating leads to food craving as a result. Studies show that Appetite is increased when fat tissues of our body start producing Leptin. Its major task is to fuel your appetite and notify you when you don’t need to eat more. According to the experts, the problem majorly happens when a regular increase in leptin, make a success to fools your brain that you’re hungry and when you’re not.

Why Problem of Food Cravings Does Occurs?

One of the major causes behind this is the presence of excessive fat in your body. It is already mentioned that more fat in the body will release more leptin. Another reason behind this problem is the intake of processed carbohydrates and high sugar. There is no doubt that the sugar boosts your fat cells to produce more leptin. Regular increase in the levels of leptin can lead to the struggle to leptin, which eventually starts a circle and further lower down your ability to check your real appetite as a result. Thus, it is very important for you to consume healthy foods to keep the levels of leptin in control and, hence lowering down chances of being swept away by food cravings.


Here Are Few Best Tips To Prevent Food Craving While Eating:

1 – Intake Low-Calorie Food is Good:

There are various low-calorie foods available such as vegetables, egg, boiled or raw meat and milk which can be consumed as per your hunger. Also, when controlling leptin is concerned, it helps in keep leptin and happy hormone in control and which eventually helps in reducing the chances of food cravings.


2 – It is Good to Avoid Fats and Oil-rich Food:

According to various research and studies from health experts, it is observed that oil-rich foods and food which contains high calories are craved by more around 80% of people. It is also observed that after consuming fats and oil-rich foods, our body discharges leptin and happy hormone which makes us feel to eat more than the requirements.


3 – Keep Your Favorite Food Away:

When it comes to controlling your food cravings, it doesn’t matter if you love chocolates the most, all you need is to keep them away as this practice will help you to reduce your food cravings.


4 – Exercising Regularly is Good:

Instead of having fast foods like burgers and chips to make your stomach feel cool and happy, you can also go for a long walk and can try to sleep before your regular time of sleep. Thus, making possible changes in some of your routine habits can help you to avoid food craving. In addition, the regular fitness exercises will help you to boost serotonin levels in your body, which will also help you to leave sugar easily.


5 – Prefer Fiber and Protein Rich Diet:

Instead of consuming fatty food and carbohydrates, prefer to consume foods rich in fiber and protein, because it will take additional time to digest properly and it is good for health too.


6 – Don’t Eat Processed Food:

Nowadays, people tend to eat lots of processed food like readymade chips, snacks, bread, bacon and various ready to use meals. There are various drinks too you should avoid, such as flavored milk and soft drinks.


7 – Keep Changing Variety of Food:

Consuming the same kind of food daily will help your body to count calories but it will also leave a feeling of dissatisfaction in you. There is no doubt that everyone needs the various variety of delicious foods in their meals, so it is good to keep on trying new dishes to control your food cravings. Thus, only because you’re on dieting doesn’t mean you aren’t able to satisfy your mind.


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